Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bonus Posts

To complete your work for the semester be sure you have:

1) Turned in your research essay with all the elements listed on your checklist.

2) Posted your "Public Work of Art" post to your blog.

3) Deposited your research essay without your name (or mine) following the instructions on the handout.

4) Done your oral presentation in class. (Come see me if you missed this).

5) Completed our blog posts (1-6) - topics can be found by scrolling down. You can also find old bonus topics which you can respond to enhance your partcipation grade.

In addition after completing the work listed above, you can raise your grade with an additional bonus post by responding about one of the texts in the packet from the last part of course. For any of these texts, summarize the text and its argument or purpose, describe your response and how you think it relates to the themes we've been discussing throughout the semester. You can complete your posts anytime through Monday, December 13th.

Texts you can write about for bonus posts:

Alice Walker, "In Search of Our Mother's Gardens"
Michelle Alexander, The New Jim Crow
Tricia Rose, "All Aboard the Night Train"
Anna Deavere Smith, Twilight
Public Enemy "Party for Your Right to Fight," "Fight the Power," and "911 is a Joke"
Thomas Frank, "Why Johnny Can't Dissent"

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